Monday, March 31, 2008

The new Spring Quarter

Hello, my most esteemed readers,

I am just back from my Spring break, during which I labored all week to refinish one of my grandpa's old desk. I spend a ton of time sanding off the old finish, staining the bare wood and applying the new clear coat. This Saturday, I will place the final layer of clear coat on.I will be sure to post pictures of the final results so you could see the beauty of my amateur woodworking skills.

This quarter, I am taking four classes, which amount to 18 credit hours. The classes are Math 308 Linear Algebra, E E 233 Circuit Theory, E E 235 Continuous Time Linear Systems, and CSE 190M Web Programming. Unfortunately, my organ teacher told all her non-major students that she was unable to give organ lessons this quarter because of an overwhelming schedule over the next few months, especially with her doctorate students. For this reason, I decided to add on web programming as just a fun side class. (Although, she's allowing us to keep the keys to the practice rooms!) The class is around 200

The web programming class would actually not count for credits for my major. Although this is a freshman-level course (and I'm probably older than a good 95% percent of the roughly 200 students), I really haven't had much experience with developing web pages, which is something that is very useful to learn. The class covers a wide range of topics such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, and SQL (don't ask me what that means, I don't know). My current experience with web page design is to use crutches (Microsoft FrontPage). After this quarter, I will once again create a web page, and it will be totally AWESOME. And you will all marvel at my supreme web development skills. I decided to take this class because it got really high ratings, and everybody I've talked to that have taken it said it was a very fun course.

The web programming class is in Guggenheim hall, a really nice-looking Tudor-archetecture building completed in 1930 and just recently renovated.

And just a stone-throw away, the rest of my classes are in the Electrical Engineering Building, which is a six-story building which was built only 5 years ago, a labyrinth of staircases and elevators which I get lost in every time I go in. The Electrical Engineering building as well as the Paul Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering right next door are only five years old, and was a project that costed around $72 million.

Just for reference, I live in Hansee Hall, which is right here. It even has its own Wikipedia page with some very interesting information! Yeah, I realize I have to walk a long ways to my classes. I have to factor in at least 15 minutes of speed walking whenever I have to go to class. Unfortunately, my new bike got robbed, so I'm force to use the slower old-fashioned mode of transportation, using my feet. :(

Just for April Fools Day, click here for a compilation of some of my favorite pranks! I haven't tried all of them yet, but I got a rather strong reaction from my sister Diane when I tried prank #4 on her. I'll just say she is rather sensitive when you bring up the subject of broken laptop screens. That's all I'm going to say.

Happy April Fools Day!!!