Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ron Paul shows up to UW Campus

Today, Ron Paul stopped by the University of Washington to campaign. I brought my digital camera (I was meaning to bring my camera recorder, but I found out until too late that it was out of battery). But here are photos and my video from the event on YouTube. It was quite a wild crowd, I guess over 500 people, including a group of global warming activists. Anyway, here is the footage:

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My new life at the University of Washington

Hello, all.

It's been obviously quite a while since I last posted. Just a quick catch-up with my life for anyone who might be wondering if I'm still alive, I finished up at Pierce College with an Associates of Science Track II degree, and now I'm living on campus at the University of Washington.

This is my second week at the University of Washington, and I've been enjoying it so far. This quarter, I'm taking differential equations, Java programming (part II), fundamentals of electrical engineering, and organ lessons with Carole Terry at the University Methodist Temple.

I just wanted to upload some photos of my new dorm room at the University of Washington. I am in the Hansee hall, which is located on the North side of campus. Hansee Hall is my ideal environment, since it has all singles rooms and they implement a 24-hour quiet time policy, and I don't have to deal with loud rap music in the hallways, and I shouldn't have a problem with other people being distracting.